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Precision Glass & Quartz Fabrication

Specializing in the fabrication of custom high quality, precision glass & quartz components, PEG is well positioned to manufacture components that meet exacting specifications and the highest standards of quality. Capabilities include; glass-to-metal seals, graded seals, custom design & fabrication, round bottoming, laser engraving,  glass-to-glass forming and shaping & more!

Typical Components: Fluid Handling Devices, Hollow Cathode Lamp Bodies, Multi-pin Base/ Stems, X-Ray Components, Ultra-high Vacuum Viewports, ICP Consumables, ICP-MS, OES Consumables, LED, Laser Components, Ampules & Plugs, Crystal Growth Vessels, & More!

Over the last 55 years, PEG has been developing skills that give us the ability to produce some of the most precision glass & quartz components on the market. With our in-house engineering team, automated equipment, and a skilled workforce, PEG performs sophisticated operations to turn your designs into custom fabricated products.

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Assortment of Glass to Metal Seals and Glass Grades
Assortment of Laser and X-Ray Components
Custom Analytical Cell Component
Glass Flanges
Glass to Metal Seals and Pin Seals on Electronic Components
Glass to Metal Seals on X-Ray Components
Heat Detection Sensor Components
ICP Components
ICP Components
Laser Tube
Spray Chamber
X-Ray Bulbs

Operations include:

  • Automated Lathe
  • Flat Bottoming
  • Glass Tube Flaring
  • Glass to Ceramic Seals
  • Glass to Glass Seals
  • Glass to Metal Graded Seals
  • Glass to Metal Seals
  • Glass to Sapphire Seals
  • Hand Tooling
  • Lamp Work
  • Lathe Forming
  • Pyrex® to Kovar Graded Seals
  • Pyrex® to Quartz Graded Seals
  • Quartz Seals
  • Resizing
  • Ring Seals
  • Round Bottoming

Glass Types:

  • HLQ 100 
  • HLQ 270 
  • Cerium Doped Quartz
  • HLQ 300 Quartz
  • Simax Borosilicate Glass