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Announcing Best Bore

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Announcing Best Bore

A Superior Precision Bore Tubing Product

Smoother and more precise glass tube for improved feel, higher accuracy and longer life.

Applications ranging from syringe glass to fluid flow and volume measurement depend on tubing made to tight tolerances for consistent, dependable performance. Diameter, roundness and internal surface finish determine how smoothly a syringe piston fits, slides and feels in the bore.

Improved internal finish

Specialists in the process of shrinking glass and quartz tubing, Precision Electronic Glass (PEG) has manufactured precision bore tubing since 1962. Now, after painstaking R&D, they are pleased to announce a significant product advancement. Available under the name, “Best Bore,” this features the smoothest internal bore yet achieved. Projected usage is in equipment for instrumentation, the lifesciences, and similarly demanding applications.

Improved control

Precision bore tubing may look smooth to the eye but viewed through a microscope the internal surface shows tiny undulations. Pushing down on the plunger of a syringe moves a piston across that surface and those humps and bumps translate to friction and skips. A smoother and more dimensionally stable surface results in a low friction syringe that feels more comfortable and is easier to use.

Longer life

Glass and quartz are among the hardest known materials. Raised surface imperfections wear away softer materials, such as plungers, moving across the surface, leading to leaks and premature failure in applications where a good seal is essential. The optimal smoothness of “Best Bore” tubing reduces wear and extends product life.

Increased accuracy

When precision bore glass tubing is used for volume or flow measurement it’s essential that the internal diameter be uniform throughout the entire length. Any deviations cause inaccuracies, which are magnified in smaller diameter tubes. “Best Bore” precision glass tubing is made to exceptionally tight tolerances, which, along with the smooth finish, delivers repeatable measurements.

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