Amber Glass Ring Improved by PEG to Protect Against UV Damage From Sun

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Amber Glass Ring Challenge Helps Engineering Team Develop a Superior Product

 PEG Engineers and Innovations Team Design and Fabricate Weather Resistant Solution

Tackling the Amber Glass Ring Problem

An amber glass ring designed to protect against damaging UV rays from the sun brings a company to Precision Electronic Glass (PEG) with a unique problem. The component is chipped and scratched because of weathering over the years. The company needs to replace it. As a result, they approach the original supplier for a replacement. Unfortunately, the amber glass in the original part is no longer available.

After researching supplier, the company approaches PEG and asks the engineering team to develop a coating material that absorbs UV and protects fluid in the tubing. Most importantly, the amber material has to withstand high-temperature processing and remain intact for multiple years of operation.

Providing the Optimal Amber Glass Ring Solution

As a result of their review, PEG’s engineers and glass specialists decide to add amber color to the surface and fire it onto the glass. Similarly, this mimics the UV resistance of the original amber glass. Consequently, this solution resolves the immediate problem of a replacement. However, it does not resolve the question of durability.

The engineers decide to laminate two glasses and add the amber stain between the laminations. They do this before the shrinking to eliminate the possibility of the stain being scratched off. In the end, the amber is within the wall of the final product and impossible to scratch off. The PEG team wins with a better solution than the original product.

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