PEG specializes in laser engraving, sandblasting, and decaling custom fabricated OEM components. Additional special capabilities include: applying scales; logos; and serial numbers

Typical Components: Syringe Glass – Flowmeters – ICP Components

Decorating your custom components can assist in brand recognition, quality control, and protecting your customers from unknowingly using off-brand components. At PEG, we have the ability to make each of your components unique with an identifying serial number; allowing you, and your customers, to enhance quality control and track inventory.

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Injectors and Syringes with Ceramic Decals
Laser Engraved Quartz Injector
Laser Engraved Delrin
Laser Engraved Quartz ICP Component and Stainless Steel

Capabilities include:

  • Decaling
  • Laser Engraving
  • Sandblasting
  • Screen Printing
  • Serial Numbers
  • Scales
  • Logos
  • Location Identifiers