Precision Glass and Quartz Fabrication

Experts in Glass and Quartz Fabrication

Glass and quartz fabrication is a leading area of expertise for Precision Electronic Glass (PEG). As a result, PEG is well positioned in the fabrication of custom high quality, precision glass and quartz components.

PEG custom manufactured components meet exacting specifications and the highest standards of quality. Similarly, our capabilities include glass-to-metal seals, graded seals, custom design & fabrication, round bottoming, laser engraving,  glass-to-glass forming, and shaping and more.

Typical Glass and Quartz Fabrication Components

PEG produces Fluid Handling Devices, Hollow Cathode Lamp Bodies, Multi-pin Base/ Stems, X-Ray Components, Ultra-High Vacuum Viewports, ICP Consumables, ICP-MS, OES Consumables, LED, Laser Components, Ampules and Plugs, Crystal Growth Vessels, and more.

As a result of 55 years in the industry, PEG developed skills that are unmatched. Our experience provides the most precise glass and quartz fabrication available for components. We have the edge you need to perform sophisticated operations thanks to our seasoned in-house engineering team, automated equipment, and skilled workforce. Let us help you turn your designs into custom fabricated products.

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Glass to Metal Seals and Glass Grades

Laser and X-Ray Components

Custom Analytical Cell Component

Glass Flanges

Electronic Components — Glass to Metal Seals and Pin Seals

X-Ray Components — Glass to Metal Seals

Heat Detection Sensor Components

ICP Components

ICP Components

Laser Tube

Spray Chamber

X-Ray Bulbs

Operations include:

  • Automated Lathe
  • Flat Bottoming
  • Glass Tube Flaring
  • Seals — Glass to Ceramic
  • Seals — Glass to Glass
  • Graded Seals — Glass to Metal
  • Glass to Metal Seals
  • Glass to Sapphire Seals
  • Hand Tooling
  • Lamp Work
  • Lathe Forming
  • Pyrex® to Kovar Graded Seals
  • Pyrex® to Quartz Graded Seals
  • Quartz Seals
  • Resizing
  • Ring Seals
  • Round Bottoming

Glass Types:

  • HLQ 100 
  • HLQ 270 
  • Cerium Doped Quartz
  • HLQ 300 Quartz
  • Simax Borosilicate Glass