3 questions you need to ask before hiring a glass manufacturer

A glass manufacturer can provide the answers for challenging industrial needs. However, custom glass manufacturing is an inherently complex process. To minimize the risk of lesser products and costly delays, OEMs and other companies looking to outsource their custom glass requirements should have some understanding of what glass fabrication entails.

In addition, OEMs should take the time to research the custom glass manufacturer bidding on their custom glass requirements. In particular, knowing the right questions to ask can help an OEM quickly identify the best provider for their project. We’ll simplify your search by outlining the three questions you should raise with any prospective partner.

What is your production volume?

For obvious reasons, you’ll want to hire a glass manufacturer who can scale production according to your needs. The answer to this question depends on the glass fabricator’s capabilities. Precision Electronic Glass, for example, requires a minimum $750 order, since smaller orders are often cost-prohibitive for us. We can create prototypes for production quantities if needed, but we generally don’t accept one- or two-piece orders unless they feature repetitive or highly-intricate parts.

How quickly can you complete my project?

A glass fabricator should be able to work on your company’s timeline. Its ability to do so might depend on demand at the time you place your order. At PEG, we offer six to eight-week lead times from the Monday after the order is placed, which is when we finish R&D for most projects. Lead times may be extended if the project requires extensive R&D.

What certifications does this glass manufacturer have?

Certifications are proof of a custom glass manufacturer’s capabilities. In the case of PEG, we are REACH and RoHS compliant, and we have an International Traffic in Arms certificate. PEG’s core business areas are governed by a comprehensive quality management system that is ISO 9001 certified through SGS International Certification Services. Check out our certifications details here.

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This list isn’t intended to be exhaustive. Indeed, you’ll want to ask a potential partner about various other aspects of their operations, as well, from their experience with a particular product or design to their customer service. For additional questions to ask, be sure to download our eBook, 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Custom Glass Manufacturer.