ICP Components Fabricated from the Highest Quality Glass and Quartz Tubing

ICP components from PEG include a variety of glass and quartz components for use in ICP-MS or ICP-OES systems. For example, we provide these components for demountable torches, cyclonic spray chambers, bonnets, injectors, and reduction tubes fabricated from the highest quality glass and quartz tubing. In addition, we ensure proper tolerances and produce all components to customer specification as a critical function of our quality control department.

As part of our custom glass manufacturing business, we fabricate components for applications that require high sensitivity to high throughput. As a result, we supply products for all ICP needs. Finally, our products are used across a range of industries, including environmental, clinical, food and water, geochemical, semiconductor fabrication, and much more.

Bonnets Etc…

Ceramic Furnace Tube, Glass Hanger

Reduction Tube

Spray Chamber

ICP Torch

ICP Torches