Industrial components are a specialty at Precision Electronic Glass. That is because, we specialize in shrinking glass and quartz tubing into precision bore tubing. In addition, some of our special capabilities include glass fabrication and glass finishing. Plus, we do glass machining and glass blowing to produce a variety of glass components.

Typical Components: Glass To Metal Seals – Glass To Glass Seals – Graded Seals – Glass Assemblies

Military/Protection applications using devices that include glass parts.

For example, we help to make flash lamps used to warn aircraft against heat-seeking missiles,  night vision devices, X-ray for baggage inspection,  jet fuel systems, fire detection and suppression, and more. In addition to military and protection, we do other custom industrial work.

Other industrial applications using devices that include glass parts.

First of all, e make glass components for nuclear power, motion dampers used in semiconductor manufacturing, vending machines, ice machines, and steel sampling devices.  Also, we make components for CO2 lasers for cutting and drilling textiles and metals, transmission fluid exchanges for automotive, ICP Applications, and more.


Custom ground glass valves and tips

Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Rod

Laser Tube