PEG specializes in shrinking glass and quartz tubing into precision bore tubing. Additional special capabilities include: glass fabrication; glass finishing; glass machining; and glass blowing used to produce a variety of glass components.

Typical Components: Glass To Metal Seals – Glass To Glass Seals – Graded Seals – Glass Assemblies

Military/Protection applications using devices that include glass parts: flash lamps used to warn aircraft against heat seeking missiles • night vision devices • X-ray for baggage inspection • jet fuel systems • fire detection and suppression • and more…

Other industrial applications using devices that include glass parts: nuclear power • motion dampers used in semiconductor manufacturing and vending or ice machines • steel sampling devices • CO2 lasers for cutting and drilling textiles and metals • transmission fluid exchanges for automotive • ICP Applications • and more…

ultra accurate grinding

Custom ground glass valves and tips

Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Rod

Laser Tube