Career Opportunities

Current Opportunities

Experienced Lathe Operator

  • 5+ years of lathe experience or ability to show skill
  • Attention to detail
  • Able to complete delicate work with low failure rate
  • Able to repair parts
  • Able to quality control own work
  • Able to use calipers, micrometers, height gauge, and templates accurately
  • Needs no assistance identifying tolerances on prints
  • May need assistance setting up machine
  • Able to hold ± .02” on wall weight, OD and ± .01” on OAL

Experienced Grinding Operator

  • Dress wheels as needed.
  • Set-up L4 belt machines or Centerless and Concentric grinding machines or polishing machines.
  • Grind and polish on L4 Centerless or Concentric machines or can polish on cerium on stroking machines.
  • Cut, trim, bevel glass as necessary.
  • Fill out work-related travelers and charts.
  • Empty and clean and replace coolant on cerium tanks as required.
  • Clean machine properly at the end of the day.
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