July 4th Safety Marks Our Mid-Year Celebration. Happy Fourth of July!

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July 4th safety is top of mind this year for us all. Although we may not be able to gather for Independence Day in 2020 as in times past with fireworks, barbecues, and picnics, we can still celebrate the good things. With honor for those we have lost, and hope for the future, let’s focus on the many special gifts we have to celebrate.

For example, we have seen rescues, acts of kindness, personal joys, business re-openings, re-employments, recoveries, graduations, births, weddings, unique solutions, and courageous, selfless deeds. Each day we witness the most amazingly creative and ingenious actions to overcome seemingly impossible odds.  In our desire to connect, we cheer on faraway friends and virtual strangers. How much more can we do to encourage our neighbors? On behalf of our team at Precision Electronic Glass, we wish you a safe, healthy, and happy Fourth of July.

July 4th Safety

A U.S. soldier returns home to celebrate July 4th with his family.

Put July 4th Safety First Because There’s No United States Without “U”

Remember, every person is important in this beautiful place we call the United States so please stay safe this holiday. That means not only with respect to coronavirus but also traditional safety when it comes to fireworks, food, and the summer heat. For a refresher on traditional July 4th safety tips, check out these ideas from FEMA.

Also, never forget how important you are to those who love you and count on you. Without you, their picture is incomplete. No one can step up and take your place. This is reserved exclusively for you.

In recognition of our own essential workers, we are happy to announce the holiday closure of Precision Electronic Glass on Friday and Monday, July 3rd and 6th, in order to give the PEG team a well-deserved four-day weekend. Happy birthday, America. July 4th safety — together, we can do this!

July 4th safety

July 4th safety is top of mind for mom and kids as they gather on the porch to watch the parade.

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