Laser Engraving Branding for ROHS and Reach Compliance

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ROHS and Reach Compliance with Laser Engraving Branding

Laser Engraving Branding is an Excellent Alternative to Ceramic Decals

A few of PEG’s customers in crisis found the perfect solution with laser engraving branding. The ceramic decals PEG was applying to their components were not compliant with RoHS directives or REACH regulations. As a result, PEG’s customers could not ship to the European Union. Consequently, their globalization plans were limited. Since the customer’s logos and/or serial numbers are important to brand building, visibility, and awareness, removing it was not an option.

The Brand Solution through Laser Engraving

PEG addressed this challenge with an alternative to ceramic (decal) labeling and other branding options. Through in-house laser engraving, which adds no chemical properties to the components, PEG was able to provide products in compliance with RoHS directives and REACH regulations.

Components Stand Apart from Competitors

In a marketplace that is driven by competition, it is more important than ever that components stand apart from competitors. PEG’s in-house laser engraving branding on quartz components and other materials avoids chemicals, meets regulations, and supports establishing and enhancing brand recognition. Serial numbers can be laser engraved, as can logos or other data that is important to our customers.

Laser engraving branding only impacts the material used in the original production of the part or product. Thus, when the original material meets RoHS directives and REACH regulations (to begin with), so will the laser engraved versions.

Unique Laser Engraving Branding Gives PEG and its Customers an Edge

PEG specializes in industrial laser engraving logos and serial numbers on quartz ICP components. In addition, special capabilities include engraving on Kovar, quartz, stainless steel, brass, brushed aluminum and dozens of other materials.

PEG offers a wide array of laser engraving, cutting and marking services aided by an in-house design and engraving team. Additional PEG capabilities include extensive knowledge of glass, engineering experience, precision bore shrinking, and precision glass fabrication. For more information about our products and services visit