Laser Engraving Helps Identify Components

Laser engraving is critical for branding and traceability needs. In order to meet compliance requirements and more, PEG specializes in laser engraving logos and/or serial numbers on quartz and a variety of metals, graphite, and engineered plastics.

Our Typical Engravings Include Serial Numbers and Logos. Plus, We Engrave Part Numbers.

Laser engraving is a permanent, RoHS & REACH compliant method of marking components with serial numbers, part numbers, logos, positioning marks, and more. In order to meet this need, our in-house laser engraving team specializes in high-precision engraving. For example, we work with quartz, Kovar, and stainless steel components placing artwork within +/- .02″ (.5mm) of its specified location.

Inventory problems, returns, and competition are a reality for most manufacturers. However, when avoiding these events is impossible, we help you manage them more efficiently. As a result, we  add a serial number that states the week of manufacture, the year and an order number (wwyy-xxx) to your components so that they are traceable, easily logged and recognizable. Doing so puts your company in a position to quickly respond to any issues.

Kovar Laser Engraved with Serial Number
Laser Engraved Quartz
Laser Engraved Quartz Glass Injector
Kovar Laser Engraved with Logo and Serial Number