Medical components are a specialty of PEG in shrinking glass and quartz tubing into precision bore tubing.

Additional special capabilities include glass fabrication, glass finishing, glass machining, and glass blowing. Similarly, these produce a variety of glass components.

Typical Components include Glass To Metal Seals, Glass To Glass Seals,  Graded Seals, and Glass Assemblies.

PEG Specializes in the fabrication of glass components for mammography testing, X-ray, CT-Scans, vascular X-ray, syringes for testing, and development of medicines. Additionally, we manufacture flow meters for oxygen delivery systems, fiber optics for procedure monitoring, lasers for plastic surgery and other medical procedures, and more.

glass and quartz fabrication

Custom Glass Medical Components

Such as, Custom Glass to Metal Seals

Custom Glass X-Ray Component With Glass to Metal Seals

In Addition, Custom Glass X-Ray Components

Custom Glass X-Ray Components

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