Selling and Shipping Terms


The minimum purchase requirement for any order is $750.00.


We require a credit report prior to accepting an order from a new customer. Credit report should include: name of bank, three credit references with contact names and telephone numbers.


Initial order payment terms are only accepted on a Credit Card or Cash On Delivery (COD) basis, unless other prior arrangements have been made. “Open Account” status will be afforded after completion of the first COD order and compliance with PEG Selling and Shipping Terms and Conditions.


PEG manufactures and ships based on customer orders that are for immediate shipment. Customers may request PEG to release an order with multiple shipping dates as long as a forecast of shipments has been provided at the time of order. ONE TIME ORDERS ARE NON-CANCELLABLE!


Customers that order the same item(s) on a recurring basis with blanket purchase orders to be released over an extended shipping period (beyond 30 days) may do so by providing PEG a monthly shipping forecast. All orders forecasted for shipment within each 30-day period cannot be cancelled. Customer forecasted shipment dates and quantities may be adjusted beyond the immediate 30-day shipping period at any time; however, there is a minimum shipment of $250.00 per line item.


When applicable, tooling charges will be invoiced and are payable by the customer in advance of any production by PEG. Tooling charges are based on the unit production quantity of the item(s) the customer is ordering. Orders for quantities of a greater or lesser quantity may necessitate additional charges for tooling. PEG keeps all customer tools in repair and we make necessary replacements without additional charge, at our discretion. Although tools are used solely for the production of the customers’ items, we retain all title to them. Customer tools will not be preserved for longer than three years from the date of the last order, unless special arrangements are made in advance in writing and agreed by PEG.


Due to the nature of specialized handcrafted glass and quartz ware we accept all orders on a ±10% basis unless otherwise specified in a customer purchase order and with our written concurrence. PEG will apply our ±10% shipping policy on all shipments. All shipments that fall within this ±10% quantity will be considered shipped complete.


Customers who have annual “blanket orders” may request PEG to warehouse no more than one-twelfth of the value of completed orders for future shipment.


All returns require a Return Authorization (RMA). All requests for RMA’s must be received within 30 days of shipment. All returns to PEG must be made via prepaid freight according to our shipping instructions on the RMA authorization. Any attempt to return ware without prior authorization will be refused by PEG.


PEG shall apply internal quality and measuring standards on all orders where no special criteria on standards are defined on customer supplied drawings or purchase orders. PEG must agree upon all customer quality and measuring standards in writing prior to any order being accepted.


Precision Electronic Glass, Inc. warrants freedom from patent infringement only of those items comprising its regularly established line of products. Purchaser assumes and will hold Precision Electronic Glass, Inc. harmless against any patent liability for goods manufactured to purchaser’s design or specifications or specially designed by Precision Electronic Glass, Inc. to meet purchaser’s requirements.


PEG’s failure to perform any term or condition of these terms as a result of conditions beyond its control such as, but not limited to, war, strikes, fires, floods, acts of God, governmental restrictions, power failures, delays or disruptions to carriers or raw material suppliers or damage or destruction of any network facilities or servers, shall not be deemed a breach of these terms.