How to Manage Supply Chain Disruption and Localize Fulfillment

supply chain disruption

Supply chain disruption can be avoided.

Supply chain disruption can quickly become a death spiral for the most established businesses without rapid correction. Seeing states competing for much needed medical equipment, we have learned the hard way with COVID-19 just how difficult it can be to bid against your neighbors for goods from a foreign source. Let’s not even consider the millions of dollars lost for shipments never received because they were “lost” or sold twice. There are no guarantees in times of crisis. Unfortunately, when it comes to coronavirus, we may face concurrent crises with very little time in between to restock or even give prices an opportunity to regulate.

Better to think creatively. Is there a local business that creates something similar to the component that you need? If so, are they willing and able to customize? Think about that for a second.

Times have changed dramatically. Local business and plant owners are probably more than willing to discuss new ideas. The best part of this equation? Now is the time for ingenuity. Step outside the accepted channels. Forge your own trail. Support putting people back to work in your own country, your own state, and your own city. Yes, together, we can do it — and we have done it over and over again. Henry Ford did it. Thomas Edison did, too. So did Steve Jobs. The list goes on and on. Let’s do it again!

importing goods

When considering the cost of importing goods, be sure to factor premiums and risk.

Close the Gap and Lessen the Potential for Supply Chain Disruption

We all love the idea of a global economy and for a long time, it fulfilled our dream of an improved ROI because it lowered production costs. But that is no longer the case. What good is a lower production cost when production is at risk? Better to have fulfillment, and the ability to complete a product than to have nothing to sell at all.

Plus, it’s a simple matter of physics. When you put thousands of miles between you and the components you need to complete a project, there are hundreds of things that can go wrong. For a long time, the excuse for global fulfillment was, it is cheaper. However, it is critical to include all costs from parts to shipping to carbon footprint and any other resources required to purchase components half a world away.

Once you have a full cost assessment in mind, use this number in your negotiations for local fulfillment. You will be surprised by the possibilities. Don’t forget to plan for risk. Coronavirus was a surprise to most, but some companies had insurance coverage in place. Bear in mind, this premium is one cost of global fulfillment that can be reduced by using a local supplier. So many things to consider. Perhaps it is in the best interest of us all to shop at home for a supplier, at least in the immediate future.

supply chain disruption

Domestic sources are often willing to work with local manufacturers to accommodate custom projects.

Considering Alternative, Local, and Eco-Friendly Materials

Companies like Precision Electronic Glass of Vineland, NJ provide glass components to hundreds of manufacturers. These components are critical in medical, scientific, analytical, industrial, communications, security, and detection products. From the beginning in 1962, this family-owned and operated business has focused on providing the latest glass technologies, constant innovation, and superior service. In the midst of COVID-19, its components are critical on the front lines from detection to vaccine research.

Eco-friendly components from PEG are sustainable and locally sourced. Our company is just one example of the many well-established and innovative businesses in the United States that already support US-based manufacturing.

When searching for replacement components for laser, ICP, x-ray equipment for medical and security, and research, consider reviewing your needs with the PEG team. Discover whether or not domestic options can lower your risk and help your business avoid supply chain disruption.

Supply chain disruption

Innovation is hard at work throughout US-based companies to accommodate needs in the pandemic and beyond.

About PEG

PEG’s mission is to provide customized glass and quartz products and related services to OEMs and distributors. We work globally in all countries where our customers operate. Our objective is to fabricate the finest precision glass and quartz components and assemblies to customers’ specifications. Working together with customers, PEG manufactures prototypes; handles small to large production runs; performs value-added assembly, and provides cleanroom processing when specifications dictate the need for it.

Utilizing standard or computer-controlled glass lathe fabrication; glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal graded seals; cutting and end finishing; and precision grinding/polishing. PEG produces components and value-added assemblies, including medical, dental, or industrial glass X-ray tubes, CO2 or HeNe lasers. Similarly, we produce all glass and quartz fabrications in facilities certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards of quality. In conclusion, our commitment to quality and integrity in everything we do is reflected in our mission statement, corporate values, and quality policy.