Ventilator Parts and Components Production Help Fill Supply Chain Gaps

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Ventilator parts and components made domestically by small to mid-sized companies are playing a critical role in filling supply chain gaps during the pandemic. This is essential as, once again, many more U.S. states are now fast approaching peak hospitalizations for COVID-19. And it is not just scarce ventilators that are finding resources from local production. Everything from face mask needs to food and other supply shortages are finding fixes in the domestic marketplace thanks to the ingenuity of local people.

Armies of 3-D printers are making temporary tools and manufacturing plants are repurposed to produce items we seldom imagine. Fields of unharvested crops are open to needy families on a “u-pick-it” basis. It seems we are getting more clever about finding new uses for old things and avoiding waste.

Whether it is people looking out for their city, state, or country, around the world it is the same. Local solutions are more significant than ever before. So while we celebrate the victories of all humanity in their battle against COVID-19, we are often experiencing tears of joy when we relate to victories that are real to us — such as the ones that are in our own backyards. These real-life stories of triumph unite us in hope, compassion, and ignite a sense of belonging. In our hearts and minds, we cling to the knowledge that by working together we will eventually heal our families, neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, and our world.

ventilator parts

Ventilator parts use an essential component from Precision Electronic Glass in New Jersey.

PEG Team Makes Glass Components for Ventilator Parts and Vaccine Testing

For the second time since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, team members of Precision Electronic Glass are happy to learn that their efforts are saving lives. Recently the company received a thank you letter from the head of a company in a neighboring state. Among other work, the company creates a unique line of low friction air cylinders including new technology with a zero-friction motion with zero wear.

The family-owned company with more than four decades of success supplies many of the world’s most prestigious original equipment manufacturers. They also supply researchers and contract designers of custom equipment. In fact, their products are in DNA analyzers, nanometer-precision polishing machines, and MRI-compatible medical robots. In addition, they are in Stirling engines, HVAC duct dampers, and International Space Station exercise equipment.

Similarly, PEG has five decades of supplying OEMs with custom glass components through its family-owned business. “We are based in New Jersey,” said Christina Rossi, granddaughter of the founder of PEG. “We watched the crisis unfold in Northern New Jersey and New York City. Now we are watching other states such as Florida and South Carolina go through the same. It has been devastating and our hearts go out to them. We are so happy knowing that we are helping elsewhere in the nation and world by providing vital components to valued customers.”

glass components

The PEG team is grateful to contribute to the fight against coronavirus by manufacturing custom components for ventilator parts and vaccine testing.

Letter of Thanks is a Welcome Surprise for Hardworking Essential Employees

As the global pandemic continues to unfold, the PEG team is happy to contribute desperately needed medical components.

“We are proud of our employees for stepping up in countless selfless ways to meet the crucial requirements of healthcare professionals as they risk their lives to battle COVID-19,” said President Philip M. Rossi. “We are all so grateful to have an opportunity to do our part. And we will continue to fulfill our duties with uncompromised quality and dedication.”

Receiving a letter of gratitude for manufacturing components for use in ventilators, anesthesia delivery machines, automated blood analyzing equipment, breathing assist devices, and more energizes the PEG team. And although the company president requests anonymity due to high profile customers, he compliments the PEG team in a letter. “It is during times like these that we need to work together to make a difference in combating this pandemic. You have my gratitude for all the hard work you do to get us the parts we need.”

The PEG team is grateful to contribute to the fight against coronavirus by manufacturing custom components for ventilator parts and vaccine testing.

Glass Components

The PEG team is grateful to contribute to the fight against coronavirus by manufacturing custom components.

About PEG

PEG’s mission is to provide customized glass and quartz products and related services to OEMs and distributors. We work globally in all countries where our customers operate. Our objective is to fabricate the finest precision glass and quartz components and assemblies to customers’ specifications. Working together with customers, PEG manufactures prototypes; handles small to large production runs; performs value-added assembly, and provides cleanroom processing when specifications dictate the need for it.

Utilizing standard or computer-controlled glass lathe fabrication; glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal graded seals; cutting and end finishing; and precision grinding/polishing. PEG produces components and value-added assemblies, including medical, dental, or industrial glass X-ray tubes, CO2, or HeNe lasers. Similarly, we produce all glass and quartz fabrications in facilities certified to ISO 9001 standards of quality. In conclusion, our commitment to quality and integrity in everything we do is reflected in our mission statement, corporate values, and quality policy.